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Jerry Rice, Jr. at rookie minicamp can't help but give you chills, right?

Jr. GOAT is at the 49ers facility for the weekend rookie minicamp.

Jerry Rice, Jr. on Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers kick off their rookie minicamp today, and according to Matt Maiocco, their first practice will be at 3:15 p.m. PT. The minicamp practices don't tell us a whole lot, but obviously it's some football news we might not otherwise get.

The players were apparently already showing up to the facility fairly early. I'd imagine the morning has consisted of some class-room and strength and conditioning work. One of the new 49ers tweeted out a picture of his helmet and temporary nameplate on his locker.

Jerry Rice, Jr. is a long shot to get an invitation to training camp, let alone earn a practice squad or roster spot. Nonetheless, seeing the name Rice back in the 49ers locker room brings a little bit of gravitas to the proceedings. It's just something cool, I suppose. Speaking of Rice, in case you missed it, last month, Jason Neal spoke with Jerry Rice (senior!), and asked him about the idea of coaching or consulting with the team (last question).