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Saturday evening open thread: Locker room hijinx, Johnny Football lawsuit

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Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers continued their rookie minicamp today, but with most of practice closed to the media, there's not a whole lot coming out of it. That makes things pretty quiet for now as we wait for next week's OTAs to begin.

It's a slow sports night, but I came across a couple random sports things this week I figured would provide some entertainment tonight. The first is this video Adam Snyder posted to Instagram. The look on Mike Iupati's face when Joe Staley pops up is pretty amazing.

This next thing came up on Friday. Johnny Manziel has found himself subject to a ridiculous lawsuit. Someone filed the lawsuit under the name of CNN personality Samantha Schacher, claiming sexual harassment. Although I'm not 100 percent certain, I'm pretty sure the lawsuit was filed by Jonathan Lee Riches. He's a serial litigator who files the most ridiculous lawsuits. If it turns out it was him, it will be interesting to see if Schacher and/or Manziel counter-sue him.

Whatever the case, this lawsuit is pretty funny to read. A little NSFW language, but really just so randomly bizarre. It's almost like the crazy lawsuit filed last week against Blake Bortles. That one is worth a read as well. It was filed by somebody in Pennsylvania prison, but it's also signed by a Theodore Bridgewater (not the actual one!).

Samantha Schacher v Johnny Manziel by Darren Adam Heitner