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Marcus Lattimore took part in practice Friday afternoon

Marcus Lattimore hit the field for some drills on day 1 of rookie minicamp. We've got some Vine video courtesy of the 49ers.

Jason O. Watson

Friday afternoon, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh mentioned that running back Marcus Lattimore would be limited in his work during rookie minicamp. In response to a question about whether or not Lattimore would take part, Harbaugh said "Somewhat. He’s working through something. It’s not the knee. It’s something else that he’s working through. And we’re going to be going at the speed the doctors allow him, and his body allows him to go."

It would seem that the somewhat still allows for football specific work. The 49ers Twitter account tweeted out this Vine video of Marcus Lattimore in one drill:

This does not tell us a whole lot of much, but it's still better than him being sidelined and unable to even make the most basic of cuts.

The 49ers drafted Carlos Hyde with a second round pick earlier this month, and that had people immediately wondering what that meant about Lattimore's future. Trent Baalke has repeatedly said the Hyde pick was strictly a best player available selection, and people should not read into what it might mean for Lattimore's recovery.

We still don't know what Lattimore will look like in full pads and taking hits again. The preseason is really the most notable upcoming opportunity to see what Lattimore has going for him. I'm going to head out to minicamp next month, and it will be good to see what he's doing, but it really comes down to actual hitting and full pads. Lattimore himself has said that he won't quite know about that final burst until he's in game action. Given that it has been a year and a half since he saw game action, that seems reasonable as far as I'm concerned.

The 49ers posted a few more Vine videos from day one of practice: