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NBA, NHL playoffs and baseball action highlight an otherwise quiet holiday Sunday

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Happy pre-Memorial Day to everybody. It's a long weekend, and we've reached that point of the year when sports quiets down a bit. Tomorrow is obviously a solemn occasion, but I do hope you're able to also spend some time with family and loved ones.

Memorial Day is a sort of unofficial start to the summer. For 49ers fans, it means OTAs are just around the corner (starting Tuesday), which means we're that much closer to training camp and some actual football in August. In the meantime, the other sports get their time to shine. The NBA and NHL playoffs are in their respective conference finals. Major League Baseball is about to get started on the dog days of summer. Teams that are leading their divisions now end up in the playoffs something like 60 percent of the time. And when a team gets at least 20 games over .500 I believe the percentage becomes even higher.

Whatever the case, hope you enjoy your Sunday and Monday before getting back to the grind (if you're so lucky). We'll be back tomorrow with a few pieces of content over the course of the day, and an open thread at some point. Then Tuesday, OTAs start and we'll be back at it!