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49ers rookie minicamp 2014: Photos and Vines

The San Francisco 49ers conducted their rookie minicamp over the weekend. We take a look at some photos and Vine videos.

The San Francisco 49ers start up their organized team practice activities today, but in case you missed it over the weekend, they had their rookie minicamp Friday through Sunday. Our photo tool had 20 pictures from camp at our disposal, so I figured I would put together this gallery. The folks at had 100 photos from camp, so you can head over there for a broader view.

The pictures are mostly stretching and some drills, but it gives us our first look at a lot of these guys in 49ers uniforms. There isn't much to take from this, but there are a few interesting things. For example, picture No. 3 shows seventh round pick Trey Millard doing some running. You can see him wearing a knee brace on his left knee. There would seem to be a good chance he starts the season on the NFI list, but it's entirely possible he could be healthy enough to join the roster at some point.

Millard suffered the knee injury in late October. If the healing process goes smoothly, he very well could be back where he needs to be at some point in training camp. However, given the depth of the 49ers roster, my guess is the 49ers take advantage of the NFI list to start the season. The addition of Millard did lead to a tweet from noted Oklahoma fan Jim Ross!

The 49ers opened the minicamp on Friday, and their social media accounts posted some Vine video. If you missed those, here are a few. It is worth noting, the last one features Marcus Lattimore, and while he does not look fast or sharp in his cuts, Jim Harbaugh indicated he was not operating anywhere near full speed at this point.