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Dallas Cowboys await results of Sean Lee knee MRI

Dallas Cowboys middle linebacker Sean Lee suffered a knee injury during OTAs on Tuesday. The MLB awaits word on the extent of the injury.

Jonathan Daniel

Fooch's Update: Ed Werder and others reporting it is in fact a torn ACL

A lot of teams kicked off their organized team practice activities (OTAs) today, and we've already got some bad news out of Dallas Cowboys camp. Linebacker Sean Lee suffered a knee injury in Tuesday's practice session, and Adam Schefter is reporting the Cowboys fear Lee may have torn his left ACL. He underwent an MRI this afternoon to figure out the extent of any damage.

The San Francisco 49ers face the Cowboys Week 1 of the 2014 regular season, and losing Lee would be a pretty sizable blow to the Cowboys defense. Dallas has had to play without him for extensive stretches the last two years. Lee missed five games last season, two because of a hamstring injury, and three more with a neck injury. He is a tackling machine when healthy, but he has struggled with injuries.

If Lee was unable to play in the season opener, the two teams would be missing important cogs in their respective defenses. The Cowboys defense has plenty of other issues, but his absence did nothing to help them this past season.

We do not wish well upon 49ers opponents, but we also do not want to wish ill upon them in terms of injuries. No matter how much one dislikes an opposing team, even being happy about an injury seems like a bad idea. As we have learned in the past, it is very easy for that injury shoe to end up on the other foot. As valuable as OTAs are for preparing for training camp, I spend most of my time just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. There will be other notable injuries across the league in OTAs and training camp. Let's just hope they're minimized.