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49ers sign draft pick Marcus Martin to 4-year deal

The 49ers have inked their final draft pick. The team signed center Marcus Martin to a 4-year contract. We break down the estimated details, which come courtesy of Over The Cap.

Thearon W. Henderson

The San Francisco 49ers have officially locked up their entire 2014 NFL Draft class. The team announced on Thursday that they have signed third round pick Marcus Martin to a 4-year contract. The rookie salary pool has made this process infinitely easier than it was before 2011. I'll put together a rundown of all the picks in the AM, but for now, I've linked them all at the bottom.

Here is an estimate of Marcus Martin's contract, courtesy of Over The Cap. They’ve been pretty spot on with the rookie pool estimates, but if there are any differences when others leak out the numbers, we'll update accordingly.

Marcus Martin

Signing Bonus: $671,252
2014 Base: $420,000
2015 Base: $551,900
2016 Base: $654,000
2017 Base: $761,200

According to reports from the first open OTA on Wednesday, Martin was getting snaps with the second team offensive line. Daniel Kilgore was handling first team center snaps. Martin is likely a potential center of the future, but all indications are that he will get a chance to learn both the center and guard roles this year. The 49ers signed Kilgore to an extension earlier this offseason, but it is not so unwieldy as to be problematic if Martin surpassed him on the depth chart.

My prediction is Kilgore is the starting center this season, but then 2015 is up in the air. Part of it might depend on how the guard situation develops. Kilgore has some guard experience, but he has really focused on center this offseason and last offseason. If the 49ers decide both Iupati and Boone are likely to depart, maybe they focus Martin more on the guard positions. Of course, if he is developing and shows to be clearly better than Kilgore at center at some point, maybe not. It's a tough situation to predict for now.

As we should know by now, there is no fifth year option for non-first round picks. However, picks in rounds three through seven can earn the proven performance escalatorBruce Miller and Chris Culliver both qualified for the PPE, which resulted in a bump in their respective 2014 salaries. 

Here's the 49ers full 2014 draft class and their signing statuses:

49ers 2014 draft class

1 (30). Jimmie Ward, DB, Northern Illinois - SIGNED
2 (57). Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State - SIGNED
3 (70). Marcus Martin, C, USC - SIGNED
3 (77). Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin - SIGNED
3 (100). Brandon Thomas, OG, Clemson - SIGNED
4 (106). Bruce Ellington, WR, South Carolina - SIGNED
4 (129). Dontae Johnson, CB, NC State - SIGNED
5 (150). Aaron Lynch, DE/OLB, South Florida - SIGNED
5 (170). Keith Reaser, CB, Florida Atlantic - SIGNED
6 (180). Kenneth Acker, CB, SMU - SIGNED
7 (243). Kaleb Ramsey, DE, Boston College - SIGNED
7 (245). Trey Millard, FB, Oklahoma - SIGNED