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Miami State Attorney investigation continues along....

The Miami State Attorney is apparently waiting for one last piece of scientific evidence. And so we wait.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Barrows is reporting that the Miami State Attorney "an important piece of information to put the final nail into the investigation." The case was turned over to them by the Miami PD a couple days ago for determination on how to proceed. This did not close the investigation, but rather was just one more formality in the process of figuring this all out.

In reality, this is similar to the Aldon Smith LAX case in that the State Attorney (City Attorney in the case of Aldon Smith) is basically conducting the final part of the investigation. According to the Miami spokesperson, the final piece of evidence is scientific in nature. As Barrows points out, it could be the rape test that was allegedly taken, or it could be toxicology reports.

Hopefully this is one of the final articles we have to write before the Miami State Attorney announces that charges will not be filed against the three players. The whole case has been a bit odd given how nebulous so much of it seemed. It started with the initial report filed by the girl that led to the discussion of a "suspicious incident." The scummy folks at TMZ quickly labeled it the "Colin Kaepernick sexual assault investigation" and like one of those annoying little ankle-biter dogs (I prefer big dogs), TMZ has latched on and won't let go. Since then, we've heard reports that Kap was not at the apartment at this point, and then the 9-1-1 call did not exactly paint a good picture of the girl.

And now, we're getting closer to some kind of announcement to conclude the investigation. Hopefully we get that one final confirmation piece to end this thing and move on. Until then, I continue to say, screw you TMZ.