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How will the 49ers handle the interior offensive line positions in the 2014 NFL Draft?

The 49ers appear to have their starting interior offensive line settled, but with contract question marks, who knows what might happen during this week's NFL Draft.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers head into the 2014 NFL Draft with much of the discussion centering around the wide receiver and cornerback positions. In our mock draft database, those have been the dominant positions, with outside linebacker and defensive line also getting some mentions.

The 49ers also have some question marks along the offensive line, but generally they have been viewed as later round needs. Center Daniel Kilgore signed a contract extension this offseason, left guard Mike Iupati is signed through 2014, and right guard Alex Boone is signed through 2015. All three are signed to fairly reasonable deals, with Iupati's being the most expensive in terms of base salary and cap hit. Kilgore signed an extension this offseason, but it is also reasonable enough that if the 49ers found another center, they would not be looking at awful cap numbers if Kilgore remained a backup interior lineman.

I still think Kilgore ends up as the starting center in 2014. However, I do think the 49ers will be adding at least one interior offensive lineman later this week. With the current circumstances surrounding the three interior starters, there is not a lot that is 100 percent certain. Additionally, the backups have their share of question marks. Adam Snyder is currently the primary backup along the entire offensive line. Joe Looney is the next man behind him, with Ryan Seymour in the mix, and Al Netter potentially getting some work inside as well.

This coming week will start to give us an idea of just what the 49ers think of the current offensive line. It doesn't clarify a lot because guards and centers can be developed almost interchangeably coming out of college. But if the 49ers do go interior offensive line in rounds two or three (or heck, even the first!), the speculation will begin as to what it all means.