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San Francisco 49ers draft history: The 49ers third round picks of the past 10 years

We take a look at each of the selections the team has made over the past decade.

Ezra Shaw

The San Francisco 49ers could do almost anything in next Thursday's NFL Draft. They probably won't trade down, but anything else seems feasible right now. Whether they get aggressive and move up as high as into the top 10, just jump a few spots or stay where they are now and look for a good late-round value remains to be seen.

They could even blow us away by taking a player that none of us have considered. That's the fun thing -- and sometimes heartburn inducing thing -- about the draft, especially for a team with an 18 wheeler full of selections.

As we get closer to the big day, we figured we'd take a round-by-round look at what the team has done over the past decade.

All of the Rounds:

RD 1RD 2 | RD 3 | RD 4 | RD 5 | RD 6 | RD 7

Round Three

Year POS Player Pro Bowl All-Pro Other
2013 LB Corey Lemonier 0 0
2011 CB Chris Culliver 0 0
2010 LB NaVorro Bowman 2 3 Get well soon!
2009 RB Glen Coffee 0 0
2008 DB Reggie Smith 0 0
2007 WR Jason Hill 0 0 Combine 40 times matter
2007 DE Ray McDonald 0 0
2006 WR Brandon Williams 0 0
2005 RB Frank Gore 5 0 Zero All-Pro selections. What
2005 T Adam Snyder 0 0
2004 WR Derrick Hamilton 0 0

Man, Frank Gore has seriously never been an All-Pro? I know there have been some great backs in the league, Gore played on some lousy Niners teams and it's just a subjective vote that we shouldn't care about. But, zero? Really? Okay, pardon my digression.

This has been a decent round for the team over the past decade. You're not going to hit the lottery every time the deeper you get into the draft, but there are of course a couple absolute steals here in Gore and NaVorro Bowman. Ray McDonald has been a key contributor when healthy, Adam Snyder has provided good depth -- to be fair, during his second tour of duty with a better starting line -- and Corey Lemonier should be a solid backup at minimum.

I'd say there's still time for Chris Culliver to add some value, but he's just about wore out his welcome and might be wearing orange as opposed to red very soon.

The Best

I've got a massive man-crush on Bowman, which only grew dramatically when he was the only player to come slap our hands and sign stuff immediately following the victory over Green Bay this past playoffs.

But, let's be real. All-Pro selections or not, this has been Frank Gore's team for a long time. The Inconvenient Truth overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to even have an NFL career, let alone one worthy of enshrinement in Canton.

If we don't get this man a ring, it'll be a crime and a shame.


I don't know that I am qualified to assign a letter grade to what the team has done in the first round, but if I'm picking emoticons to share my feeling with you all, I think I would have to pick this one:


I'll let you all assign the grade using the below poll.