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49ers officially re-name training facility SAP Performance Facility

SAP Performance Facility

Monday morning, the San Francisco 49ers announced they have officially re-named their training facility the SAP Performance Facility. While the move became official today, it has been in the works for a year and a half. In September 2012, the 49ers announced that SAP would become a Founding Partner as part of what would become Levi's Stadium. At that time, the 49ers announced that "the team's practice facility, located directly adjacent to the new stadium, is set to be renamed the SAPTraining Center." Apparently "is set" means 19 months. No big deal.

Although the official naming is only happening now, SAP has been actively involved in the 49ers draft evaluation process. USA Today's Jarrett Bell wrote about it a year ago, shortly before the 2013 NFL DraftI put together some thoughts on that as the 49ers have continually looked for ways to move ahead of the pack. When you've got a league with such extensive revenue sharing, and a salary cap, teams have to find other ways to get an advantage. The 49ers are taking an extremely analytical approach to football, and it is paying dividends.

Our friends at put together several Vine videos of the training facility. The 49ers did some work on it, and here's a few of them. Check out all six at

Equipment room

Training Room

Practice fields