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Niners Nation Podcast, final NFL Draft prep: RB, DT and CB

Tre speaks with Matt Hawkins, 49ers fan and film-watcher, to discuss the RB, DT and CB positions in the upcoming NFL Draft.

The Draft is just mere days away, and we've got you covered with a show each day covering every position the 49ers could look at. Today we've got Matt Hawkins, who digs deep into the draft via tape to formulate his opinions on prospects. We're talking RB, DT and CB positions, so get out your big-boards and tune-in!

You can listen to this episode of the podcast right here on this page using the player above, or on iTunes by searching "Niners Nation". We've switched hosting to SoundCloud, but it may take a few days to hit iTunes. SoundCloud does have a mobile app you can download! Click here for Android devices and here for Apple.