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Kelvin Benjamin discusses 49ers visit, art of running the fade route

Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin spoke with 95.7 The Game, and had a chance to discuss his recent visit with the 49ers, as well as his strengths and weaknesses as a wide receiver.


The San Francisco 49ers hosted Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin on an official pre-draft visit, and earlier today he spoke with 95.7 The Game about that visit. I've embedded the audio up above. You can check out our complete pre-draft visit tracker HERE.

Benjamin had a chance to talk about what his visit was like. After Benjamin arrived, he had lunch with wide receiver coach John Morton. He got to check out Levi's Stadium and then got a tour of the team facilities. He met some veterans, including quarterback Colin Kaepernick. According to Benjamin, Kap said something to the coaches about getting him to the 49ers in football pads.

After this he met with head coach Jim Harbaugh, and had a chance to watch some film with some members of the team. Benjamin said he was not allowed to do any route-running on the visit, but instead was tested on the playbook. He was a given a very small portion of it to learn, and then he was sent to the whiteboard to relay it back to the coaches. This would include drawing up plays, and drawing up how you would beat certain defenses.

Following Benjamin's discussion of his 49ers visit, the Florida State wide receiver discussed his strengths and weaknesses. He talked about running a lot of slant, dig and shake routes, but wanted to improve on his curl and comeback routes, and getting his hips low.

Benjamin met with quite a few teams, so it will be interesting to see who pulls the trigger, and how early it happens. There is talk he could land in the first round, in what could be a record haul of first round wide receivers. I do wonder if a few early receivers spurs a run late in the round. It's a deep wide receiver class, but if a sizable chunk go early, that changes things up a bit.