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Ricardo Lockette 9-1-1 audio: Lockette apparently told woman 'his friend' would not be there

Some audio has reportedly emerged of Ricardo Lockette's 9-1-1 call the night of the Miami "suspicious incident". We take a look at what it means.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami police have been fairly quiet about the Ricardo Lockette, Colin Kaepernick, Quinton Patton "investigation", but as happened last month, we're seeing more and more leaks from the investigation. The latest is two 9-1-1 calls made that night. One of the calls purported to be a security guard, and the second purported to be Ricardo Lockette. You can listen to the audio HERE.

The single audio contains both calls, with the security guard's call first, and Lockette's second. The Lockette call starts at about 1:35. Lockette tells the cops there is a young lady in his friend's bed, she has undressed and she will not leave. Lockette says they told her his friend would not be there that night, but she refused to leave until she saw him. He never identifies Colin Kaepernick in the audio, but reports since the night in question have indicated Kap is the friend identified as not being there. Lockette also says that the man she is looking for is not her boyfriend, but rather someone she wants to sleep with.

The situation is still being clarified. Team Kaepernick has been relatively quiet on the situation as they let the investigation finish up. Kap tweeted about it shortly after the news came out, and made a very general reference to it during a prayer breakfast last week. I imagine we'll get a more formal statement at some point, but if they know exactly the kind of stuff that will come out from the investigation, it will seemingly clear Kap with relative ease. For now, hopefully this ends with the authorities indicating no charges will be filed against the players, and that will be that.