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Yeah, we are taking a mid- to late-round QB; but, do you actually care?

Let's be spoiled, people.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The last couple of weeks I have found myself reveling in an emotion I typically despise: apathy. I have a complete and utterly apathetic attitude toward the notion that the 49ers will draft a QB in the impending draft. Matt Maiocco so perfectly summed up his answer to the question of whether or not the 49ers would draft a QB with one word: duh. Heck, Bill Williamson is presenting Jon Gruden's thoughts on a couple of guys the 49ers might pick.

It seems a near-certainty that the 49ers will draft a QB for developmental purposes. I mean, these were just the two articles from the most recent Golden Nuggets on QBs. There have been countless more in which the author has posited something similar.

But, for the Football life of me, I cannot bring myself to care. And frankly, I am fine with this. And, I imagine, there is a part of you that feels the same way.

Now, I'm not talking about all you draft junkies, who love scouting college QBs and making your own rankings. I'm talking about the more mundane 49ers fan, like myself, who is interested in college football, but not crazy about it.

And the reason I'm happy about my apathy is the source of the apathy itself: we have a franchise QB! Sure, sure, so many things could happen that I don't care to state out loud because how the hell do you knock on digital wood? And yes, the better the QB we draft, the better backup we have on the team. Also, we could potentially flip him for another draft pick. There a numerous reasons why I should care about whom we draft. Of course there are.

But, after years of watching horrible QB play followed by Alex Smith's inconsistency (though, I must admit, AleX was a lot of fun), it's super nice to have a franchise QB.

Let's revel in being spoiled. We've earned it.