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Tre's scouting notebook: Allen Robinson

Tre has had a chance to watch film on various prospects, and has decided to put his thoughts down on paper ( Today he breaks down wide receiver Allen Robinson.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

As the Draft draws ever closer, I figured I need to get out some more scouting reports. Plus, Fooch bugs me for stuff to write all the time, so, there's that.In keeping with that, let's take a look at former Penn State WR Allen Robinson.

Robinson has good length at 6'2 1/2" tall with 32" arms. He adds to that length (and his catch-radius) with a 39" vertical. While his speed isn't the greatest at 4.6, it's his lateral agility and explosion that makes him a threat, mostly in the open field. He has adequate hand size at 9.5" and is well put together at 220 lbs.


Robinson is a beast after the catch, with vision like a running back and the quickness to sidestep and make defenders miss. He ran a lot of comeback routes where he'd catch the ball and hook around the DB for YAC. He has good hands, though he does body-catch the ball often, and he has shown the ability to go up and get the ball. He also get's off press coverage with strength and quickness among the best in this class. The body-catches decreased in 2013, which is a plus, too.


As mentioned, Robinson doesn't have a ton of long speed. He was at his best coming back to the QB or otherwise catching the ball in stride (screens, slants, etc). Raw in terms of route running as he was utilized for what he did best and not much else.


I've come around on Robinson quite a bit. For a bigger-bodied guy he has some flexibility and smoothness to his game, which allows him to maintain speed throughout the route. His hands (technique) improved some in 2013, but he does like to body-catch at times. This is a sticking point for me, but I'm trying to work through my issues.

He'll run after the catch and use his stiff-arm, is pretty good with a double-move, and has the measurables you want. If you project that he can pick up the rest of the route tree, refine his technique, and continue to get off the line, box defenders out, and high-point the football...he should project to be a pretty good receiver.

I'm comfortable with him in the early second round, perhaps moving down from 30 to 34 or so and picking up another mid-round pick in the process.