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What would be your 2014 NFL Draft walk up music?

Al Bello

The NFL Draft has developed into quite the made-for-TV event over the last decade, and the NFL is taking yet another step forward. Earlier today, Rich Eisen tweeted out that the 30 draft prospects on hand at Radio City Music Hall were allowed to pick the music that would play when they walk out after their name is announced. Given that this is the No Fun League, I'm sure the league reserved the right to reject certain selections. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun with it!

It's time to let us know what your music choice would be if you were drafted. If you want to choose something serious, go ahead, but it would be more fun to pick something either incredibly absurd, or pick something that would get the team who selected you thinking twice about it.

If I wanted to go really absurd, I suppose I could go with the theme song from Sesame Street. But if I wanted to go out there, but awesome, well, it's a simple choice!

I asked on Twitter and got an impressive set of options. Here are a few of them. Feel free to drop your own suggestions below. Link to a YouTube video of the song if you can.

And one of my favorite suggestions was what the league could play at the end of each day: