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NFL Draft 2014: Which receiver is worth actually trading up for 49ers?

If the 49ers give up a 2013 first and second and then a second- or third-round pick in 2014, which receiver would be acceptable?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what we know about the 49ers' draft strategy: Trent Baalke is going to go out and get precisely the guy that the 49ers want and when they want him. If that means picking at No. 30, then that's what will happen. If a trade down is in the cards, they'll do that and lastly, a trade up seems almost assured given the way things have gone in recent seasons and the team's current needs.

The biggest need at this point, in my opinion, is wide receiver. Now, this is hardly a fresh take and I'm not giving you any new information here. The draft is a day away, so give me a break, yeah?

Anyway, I just wanted to know what everyone felt when it came to the wide receivers in this draft. More than that, I want to create a scenario and I want to know if you'd be OK with that scenario, or rather, what it would take for you to be OK with that scenario.

Let's say the 49ers are interested in moving up into the top 16 picks or so. This is a weird draft, in that it's incredibly deep at the wide receiver position, but one that could still feature fewer receivers up top than you might think. That's just a product of what teams are picking where and the players they'd likely be picking. We can infer that guys like Sammy Watkins won't make it out of the top 10.

But really despite what other people telling you about other guys "not having a chance" of making it out of that top 10, it's just not true. We're talking the top ten players in the entire nation coming out this year. To suggest that Mike Evans, for instance, has to go in the top 10 in addition to Watkins is ludicrous given what we've seen out of the NFL Draft in recent years.

So I personally don't think Evans is out of play in the 13-16 range by any means. I don't think it's terribly likely, but really, we could even talk about getting just inside the top 10 as well. The 49ers have the assets to do so. So he's on the table in this scenario.

Here's the scenario: the 49ers give up their first-round pick this year, the first second-round pick this year and either a second- or third-round pick in 2014. Doing this (with the variables accounting for the position they actually end up at) will allow them to retain their 2014 first-round pick and we can assume it will get them somewhere between No. 10 and No. 16. This seems like  high price to pay, but the 49ers aren't exactly overburdened with open spots on the roster.

Truthfully, I never understood why people think a trade is good, then we talk about another second- or third-round pick and suddenly it's the worst thing they've ever heard. The 49ers aren't going to be able to spend all of their second- and third-round picks and actually put the players to use. Ya'll understand that, right?

I want to know, if the 49ers gave up that amount, which wide receiver would please you? Which would satisfy you? Do you think it's worth it if they end up with someone like Odell Beckham Jr.? Would it need to be Mike Evans or is that not even enough for you? Marqise Lee, Brandin Cooks and Jordan Matthews are all players that may not go that early but if there's a run on receivers, the 49ers could end up being lucky to end up with one of those guys.

So if the 49ers trade up who do they have to get to please you? First one of you to say "Jadeveon Clowney" owes the rest of us a case of beer. Each.