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San Francisco 49ers draft history: The 49ers seventh round picks of the past 10 years

We take a look at each of the selections the team has made over the past decade.

Al Messerschmidt

The San Francisco 49ers could do almost anything in Thursday's NFL Draft. They probably won't trade down, but anything else seems feasible right now. Whether they get aggressive and move up as high as into the top 10, just jump a few spots or stay where they are now and look for a good late-round value remains to be seen.

They could even blow us away by taking a player that none of us have considered. That's the fun thing -- and sometimes heartburn inducing thing -- about the draft, especially for a team with an 18 wheeler full of selections.

As we get closer to the big day, we figured we'd take a round-by-round look at what the team has done over the past decade.

All of the Rounds:

RD 1 | RD 2 | RD 3 | RD 4 | RD 5 | RD 6 | RD 7

Round Six

Year POS Player Pro Bowl All-Pro Other
2013 QB B.J. Daniels
2013 T Carter Bykowski
2013 CB Marcus Cooper
2012 LB Cam Johnson Traded to IND
2011 RB Bruce Miller Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce
2011 G Mike Person
2011 DB Curtis Holcomb
2010 DB Phillip Adams
2009 DB Curtis Taylor
2009 DT Ricky Jean-Francois
2008 LB Larry Grant
2006 DB Vickiel Vaughn
2005 DB Daven Holly
2005 WR Marcus Maxwell
2005 T Patrick Estes
2005 TE Billy Bajema
2004 QB Cody Pickett
2004 DT Christian Ferrara

Let's start with the last guy on this list. Christian Ferrara,a defensive tackle out of Syracuse, is actually listed on the draft sheet without a position. I poked around and couldn't figure out why. Anyone such a Niners junkie that they remember? Six cool points for the first person to explain in the comments. or maybe it's just a wonky error.

Some people fell in love with B.J. Daniels and are still upset that he was let go and ended up with the Seattle Seahawks. I think he showed enough that he could have been an interesting developmental candidate, but Daniels was starting games for the 49ers anytime soon something is seriously wrong, so I am not too bummed. Plus, developing as a backup can be pretty difficult to pull off.

Bruce Miller and Ricky Jean-Francois are the shiny diamonds unearthed from the rough in the final round of the draft for the Niners in their past decade of this here exercise. RJF is gone, of course, but Miller has proven to be an important cog in an offense where having a capable fullback is vital.

Cody Pickett. So, yeah, anyhow.

The Best

Bruce takes this one. The fullback isn't a sexy position and its importance across the league has dwindled. For the Niners, though, this offense needs a guy back there who can do a ton of different things. Couple that with the fact that Miller is a converted defensive player, and the club really hit a home run here.

RJF could have taken this, but I'm kind of a Miller fanboy and this is my article.


I don't know that I am qualified to assign a letter grade to what the team has done in the first round, but if I'm picking emoticons to share my feeling with you all, I think I would have to pick this one:


I'll let you all assign the grade using the below poll.