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Niners Nation Podcast, final Draft prep: TE, WR, QB

Tre welcomes Jason back to the show to discuss the TE, WR, and QB positions in the nearly-upon-us NFL Draft

Today is the day! All of our waiting will finally come to an end as the NFL Draft is officially (almost) upon us! It's also the end of waiting for Jason to return to the podcast. Due to scheduling conflicts at his "real job", he's had to miss a few shows lately but he's back and (arguably) better than ever!

We briefly mention some names at the TE and QB position, but then go deep into the WR position to no only discuss early-round considerations, but also to uncover those mid/late round gems. If you really want the low-down on the WRs the 49ers will potentially select in this draft, you've come to the right place.

We'll also discuss trade scenarios, surprise picks, and Jason brings up an interesting concept for a new offense that Greg Roman should seriously consider.

You can listen to this episode of the podcast right here on this page using the player above, or on iTunes by searching "Niners Nation". We've switched hosting to SoundCloud, but it may take a few days to hit iTunes. SoundCloud does have a mobile app you can download! Click here for Android devices and here for Apple.

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