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2014 NFL Draft results: Bills trade up, Raiders make actual smart pick

The 2014 NFL Draft is moving along, as the San Francisco 49ers figure out their first move. We've had some smart and not so smart moves thus far.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NFL Draft is off to a slow but furious start. The Houston Texans went with Jadeveon Clowney, as expected, and the St. Louis Rams followed up with a safe pick in tough as nails offensive tackle Greg Robinson. Things started to slip off the rails at that point.

The Jacksonville Jaguars selected quarterback Blake Bortles, which strikes me as a slightly curious decision. If they like him, I suppose that's something, but I think Bay Area Sports Guy summed it up best:

That was followed by the Buffalo Bills trading up from No. 9 to the Browns No. 4 spot. They gave up their 2015 first and 2015 fourth round picks. That seems a little pricey to move up five spots, but if they think Watkins can be a franchise receiver for Sammy Watkins, so be it.

The Oakland Raiders actually did something smart with the No. 5 pick. They drafted outside linebacker Khalil Mack. The Raiders have a lot of needs, and Mack is arguably the best player available for them at this spot.