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2014 NFL Draft results: Mike Evans, Justin Gilbert, Odell Beckham all come off the board

The 2014 NFL Draft continues to roll along. Several names on the 49ers fan draft boards have been coming off the real board. Who will the 49ers target?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NFL Draft continues to roll along, and players some of us had targeted for the 49ers are coming off the board. The Buffalo Bills moved up to draft wide receiver Sammy Watkins, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked wide receiverMike Evans, the Cleveland Browns moved back up to grab cornerback Justin Gilbert, and now the New York Giants have grabbed wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

I know some people like some of those guys, and some would rather wait for other options. For now, we continue to wait as the 49ers figure out their next move. There were some rumors floating around that the 49ers tried to move into the Top 10, but who knows how accurate that is. I wouldn't be surprised if they called about moving up, but who knows how serious the talks get.

The draft has had a few surprises, but it's also seen a lot of BPA selections. That in and of itself could be considered a bit of a surprise given what we sometimes come to expect from NFL GMs.