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2014 NFL Draft results: Browns trade up for Johnny Manziel, Saints draft Brandin Cooks

The 2014 NFL Draft has finally seen Johnny Football come off the board.

The 2014 NFL Draft has had some interesting picks early in the second half. The Cleveland Browns made the big move, trading up to No. 22 and drafting Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. The man they call Johnny Football was slipping down the board but it worked out really well for the Browns.

It was interesting among 49ers opponents with the New Orleans Saints grabbing speedy wide receiver Brandin Cooks. The Saints offense gets a nice little rejuvenation with this pick. Cooks finished tops in Football Outsiders Playermaker Score, and this would seem like the perfect fit for both sides. And with the 49ers heading to New Orleans later this year, we'll see how Cooks is looking.

The 49ers are waiting at No. 30. It seems like a deal up is not going to happen, but if we see a cornerback run, maybe they move up? Or, maybe they move down to add some picks. There are a whole lot of possibilities at this point. Will it be a wide receiver or cornerback? Or will they "surprise" us, stand still and grab someone like a defensive lineman?