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2014 NFL Draft: Start time, TV schedule, live stream, 49ers picks for Friday's Round 2 and 3

Day two of the 2014 NFL Draft gets going Friday afternoon. Here is a quick look at pertinent television information, and where the 49ers stand heading into the next round.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NFL Draft is moves on to Day 2 on Friday with the 49ers in possession of a new defensive back. A year ago after Day 1 we were talking about free safety Eric Reid. This year, we're talking about another defensive back, only he potentially brings more versatility to the table. Jimmie Ward is listed as a safety, but his ability to play in coverage, while also cover against the run means he probably could fit in to almost any spot in the secondary. There was confusion when the pick was first announced, but as we learn more, I think there is plenty of reason for optimism.

Now it is time to move on to rounds two and three on Friday. I think this tweet sort of sums it up best:

Round two kicks off at 4:00 p.m. PT (corrected from 3:30 p.m.) from Radio City Music Hall. The NFL allows seven minutes per pick in round two, and then five minutes per pick in round three. Day 3 will kick off on Saturday at 9 a.m. PT, and it will be five minutes per pick for rounds four through seven.


ESPN and NFL Network will once again provide television coverage. I prefer NFL Network, but given that I spend more time on Twitter than watching the television screen, I suppose it's not too big a deal what is on. But if you're looking for the best option, it's a tougher call after day one. Once Chris Berman is off the screen, ESPN's coverage improves quite a bit.


If you do not have television access during the draft, will provide a live stream of the day's festivities. Also, remember that will NOT have live camera in their war room.


1. First round: Jimmie Ward, Defensive Back, Northern Illinois
2. Second round: Chiefs (Alex Smith trade) - No. 24 (No. 56 overall)
3. Second round: own - No. 29 (No. 61 overall)
4. Third round: Titans (2013 draft trade) - No. 13 (No. 77 overall)
5. Third round: own - No. 30 (No. 94 overall)
6. Third round: Comp for Dashon Goldson FA departure - No. 36 (No. 100 overall)
7. Fourth round: own - No. 29 (No. 129 overall)
8. Fifth round: own - No. 30 (No. 170 overall)
9. Seventh round: Saints (Parys Haralson trade) - No. 27 (No. 242 overall)
10. Seventh round: Panthers (Colin Jones trade) - No. 28 (No. 243 overall)
11. Seventh round: own - No. 30 - (No. 245 overall)