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Jimmie Ward tweeted picture in 49ers gear back on April 16

The San Francisco 49ers provided Jimmie Ward with a hat back during the Combine, and he says it was the only hat he wore during the draft process. Interesting coincidence!

Kirk Irwin

New San Francisco 49ers defensive back Jimmie Ward mentioned to the media on Thursday evening that he conducted a visit with the team a couple weeks before the draft. The visit flew entirely under the radar, as I don't recall seeing any mention of it anywhere.

After the pick, as people were poking around Ward's Twitter account, this picture popped up:

Ward took this on April 16. During his conference call, he said the 49ers hat was actually the only team hat he wore during the draft process. He said he got it during the Combine, and he wore just that one because it matched his Northern Illinois sweater. As he said, maybe it was a sign, or just one heck of a coincidence. Either way, he'll be sporting those colors for the foreseeable future.

Fooch's Update: Ward posted this with the caption, "10th visit #49ers ..they loving your boi"