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2014 NFL mock draft: 2nd-round prediction has 49ers going all in at wide receiver

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought you'd seen that last of the mock drafts! Thursday evening, the San Francisco 49ers grabbed a defensive back that provides some flexibility for their various sub packages. A lot of people were looking for a more specific type of cornerback, or a wide receiver, but Jimmie Ward provides the 49ers with some options.

As the 49ers head into Day 2 of the draft, they hold two second round picks and three third round picks. Over at, Dan Kadar and Matthew Fairburn put together a second round mock draft that featured the 49ers drafting two wide receivers: Indiana's Cody Latimer and Fresno State's Davante Adams.

Odds seem pretty good that the 49ers will package some picks to climb up in the second round if they are targeting a specific wide receiver. Of course, we expected that yesterday, and we saw how that turned out. The beat writers tried to get some info on whether the 49ers tried to trade up for a guy like Odell Beckham Jr. GM Trent Baalke said:

We certainly liked him as a football player, no doubt about it. But as you mentioned yourself, the price of doing business when you’re trying to move from 30 up in to near the top 10 or close to the top 10 becomes pretty stiff. And you’re giving up a lot of football players to go get one football player. And if you look at history that sometimes or a lot of times works against you.

The 49ers have ten picks remaining in the draft, and while they conceivably could find spots for a full board of players, I do think we'll see them do some moving around. But I wonder how much of that trading ends up being out of the draft entirely. I would love to see them package some 2014 picks to get up higher in the 2015 NFL Draft. This is viewed by many as a deep draft, so why not try and get a bit of a premium for next year? I think we see them add at least two picks in next year's draft. But as we saw with Thursday's selection, I'm sure Trent Baalke will prove me wrong...again.

How do you see the second round developing for the 49ers?