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Niners Nation Podcast, Draft day 1: Jimmie Ward reaction

Tre and Jason were live on the air when the 49ers made their selection of Jimmie Ward. Hear what they had to say!

Jason and I were live on the air with the #NNPodcast just a few picks prior to the 49ers selection at 30. We figured the trade-up possibility was there and we wanted to be ready. As such we have a show with our announcement of the pick of Jimmie Ward as well as reactions and some breakdowns of the selection.

You can listen to this episode of the podcast right here on this page using the player above, or on iTunes by searching "Niners Nation". We've switched hosting to SoundCloud, but it may take a few days to hit iTunes. SoundCloud does have a mobile app you can download! Click here for Android devices and here for Apple.

Or you can click on this RSS feed link from your Apple device and it should take you to iTunes where you can subscribe! (Tip: You may need to click and hold the RSS feed link and select "Open in Safari" on your Apple device).

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