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49ers draft picks heading into Day 2 of the 2014 NFL Draft following Stevie Johnson trade

The San Francisco 49ers have ten picks remaining in the 2014 NFL Draft. How many of their second and third rounds picks will they actually use on Friday?


I started writing this post a couple hours ago, and then the Stevie Johnson trade happened, and it got abandoned briefly. The San Francisco 49ers acquired Johnson for a 2015 conditional draft pick. The pick is a fourth that could become a third.

This leaves the 49ers with their remaining ten picks in the 2014 NFL Draft. They head into Day 2 with five picks to make on the day. They have two picks in the second round, and another three picks in the third round. They then have five more picks on Saturday, including a fourth, a fifth and three seventh round picks. I'm kind of hoping they deal some of those seventh round picks so I don't have to deal with three picks in four slots for posting purposes! Here is a rundown of their remaining picks:

Day 2

1. Second round: Chiefs (Alex Smith trade) - No. 24 (No. 56 overall)
2. Second round: own - No. 29 (No. 61 overall)
3. Third round: Titans (2013 draft trade) - No. 13 (No. 77 overall)
4. Third round: own - No. 30 (No. 94 overall)
5. Third round: Comp for Dashon Goldson FA departure - No. 36 (No. 100 overall)

Day 3

6. Fourth round: own - No. 29 (No. 129 overall)
7. Fifth round: own - No. 30 (No. 170 overall)
8. Seventh round: Saints (Parys Haralson trade) - No. 27 (No. 242 overall)
9. Seventh round: Panthers (Colin Jones trade) - No. 28 (No. 243 overall)
10. Seventh round: own - No. 30 - (No. 245 overall)

The 49ers have a ton of options at their disposal in light of the Stevie Johnson trade. The deal does not necessarily remove wide receiver from the needs list, but it provides a lot more flexibility for the 49ers. The 49ers could end up with Johnson and Crabtree for the foreseeable future, but Crabtree is a free agent after this season, and Johnson's contract is not guaranteed. Drafting a wide receiver in the second or third round does not mean anything specific, but it does raise plenty of possibilities.

Instead, I think we see the 49ers trade at least one of their picks to try and get back a 2015 pick. Mocking the Draft's Dan Kadar set the over/under at 3.5 picks made by the 49ers on Day 2. I would take the under on that, with the 49ers dealing away two of their five picks in some form or fashion. I think we see three picks made today, and the 49ers acquire at least one pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

How do you see the trading playing this week?