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49ers trade conditional 2015 draft pick for Stevie Johnson

The 49ers have apparently made a bold move, trading a 2015 conditional fifth (that could become a third) for wide receiver Stevie Johnson. We break down what it means.

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Fooch's Update #2: 49ers make it official. Here are the salary cap implications

Fooch's Update: Ian Rapoport is reporting it's a conditional fourth, so we'll see what it ends up being

The San Francisco 49ers apparently have figured out one of their wide receiver solutions! Adam Schefter is reporting the 49ers have traded a conditional 2015 fifth round pick to the Buffalo Bills for wide receiver Stevie Johnson. Schefter is reporting the fifth could become a third. He did not specify what would turn it into a third but I imagine it's some combination of playing time and performance.

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This is a pretty bold move for the 49ers. Johnson did not have a big year last season, but he also missed some time with a groin injury, and later when his mom passed away. Prior to that he had played 16 games each of the previous three seasons. His numbers the last four years:

2013: 52 receptions, 597 yards
2012: 79 receptions, 1,046 yards
2011: 76 receptions, 1,004 yards
2010: 72 receptions, 1,073 yards

I have to think this move limits the wide receiver position in the 49ers draft needs. They can always add youth, but Stevie is signed through 2016, one year more than Anquan Boldin. With Michael Crabtree a free agent after this season, and Boldin a free agent after 2015, it gives the 49ers one more option depending on how things move forward.

For this year, add him in with Quinton Patton behind Crabtree and Boldin, and the depth on this wide receiver corps is pretty damn impressive.