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Stevie Johnson trade: What it means for 49ers salary cap in 2014 and beyond

The San Francisco 49ers have acquired wide receiver Stevie Johnson. We break down the salary cap implications of the trade.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have acquired Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson for a conditional draft pick. The pick is either a fourth or fifth depending on whom you ask, but both are saying it can turn into a third.

In trading Johnson, the Bills take a sizable cap hit. They paid him a $1.75 million roster bonus in March, and they are responsible for the cap hit from that moving forward. The 49ers will have to consider workout bonuses each year, and a 2015 roster bonus, but otherwise, they will only be dealing with his base salaries. All the prorated bonus money rolls up on the Bills cap.

Johnson is signed through 2016, and his contract numbers break down as follows (courtesy of Over The Cap):

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Base: $3,650,000
Workout Bonus: $275,000
Cap #: $3,925,000 

Base: $5,500,000
Roster Bonus: $250,000
Workout Bonus: $275,000
Cap #: $6,025,000

Base: $5,850,000
Workout Bonus: $275,000
Cap #: $6,125,000

There is no word on contract guarantees at this point, but the NFLPA cap report says the 49ers have $3,999,667 in space. With that in mind, my guess is they will be renegotiating this contract in some form or fashion. Of course, they could clear more space with another contract extension, but it would not surprise me to see them try and figure out something with Stevie.