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49ers trade No. 56 to Denver Broncos, trade back up to No. 57, draft

The San Francisco 49ers have made a pair of trades. They moved down from No. 56 to No. 63, then back up to No. 57. With pick No. 57, they selected

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Fooch's Update: The 49ers decided to get a little crazy. After dealing down from No. 56 to 63 (while retaining no. 61), they traded again, moving No. 63 for pick 57 from the Miami Dolphins. The 49ers then selected Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde. We'll get more, but for now, here's a scouting report from our OSU blog.

The San Francisco 49ers have made a trade. The team has traded No. 56 in the second round to the Denver Broncos, and according to Ian Rapoport, they got a 2015 fourth round back. Here is an update on the deal, which is 49ers 2nd and 7th (27th of that round) for the Broncos 2nd, 5th and a 2015 4th:

The first round saw extensive speculation the 49ers might move up into the Top 10. There were no notable rumors about a trade, but a trade makes sense. The 49ers entered the day with ten picks remaining, and with limited holes to fill, it made sense to move some of these picks. There next pick is at No. 61, then No. 63.

The 49ers got the draft started by selecting defensive back Jimmie Ward in the first round, and then traded for wide receiver Stevie Johnson prior to today's second round. Those moves addressed their two biggest needs, leaving them with a lot of flexibility. The team has needs to fill, but it's more from a depth and long-term look.

49ers Remaining Draft Picks

1. First round: Jimmie Ward, S, Northern Illinois
2. Second round: Chiefs (Alex Smith trade) - No. 24 (No. 56 overall)
3. Second round: own - No. 29 (No. 61 overall)
4. Third round: Titans (2013 draft trade) - No. 13 (No. 77 overall)
5. Third round: own - No. 30 (No. 94 overall)
6. Third round: Comp for Dashon Goldson FA departure - No. 36 (No. 100 overall)
7. Fourth round: own - No. 29 (No. 129 overall)
8. Fifth round: own - No. 30 (No. 170 overall)
9. Seventh round: Saints (Parys Haralson trade) - No. 27 (No. 242 overall)
10. Seventh round: Panthers (Colin Jones trade) - No. 28 (No. 243 overall)
11. Seventh round: own - No. 30 - (No. 245 overall)