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2014 NFL Draft results: Derek Carr to the Raiders, Rams trade up for LaMarcus Joyner

The second round of the 2014 NFL Draft rolls along. The Oakland Raiders added a quarterback, and the Rams moved up for a defensive back.

Ethan Miller

The 2014 NFL Draft is into day two, and we've had plenty of early action. The San Francisco 49ers are still a ways away from their pick (barring a trade), but we've got some regional and rival news through the first third of the first round.

The Oakland Raiders continue the NFL circle of life by drafting QB Derek Carr. Matt Schaub replaced David Carr. The Raiders acquired Schaub this offseason, and at some point it seems like the younger Carr will replace Schaub. So fitting, right? And it means we have a chance for another "We Want Carr!" chant in the Bay Area! This is also the closest we'll come to another David Carr Memorial thread.

The St. Louis Rams got things going for the NFC West as they made a move up to draft defensive back LaMarcus Joyner. The Rams climbed up from 12th to 9th, and added an versatile defensive back to their improving defense. They already are looking at a strong defensive line with the addition of Aaron Donald. Adding Joyner boosts the back end.

And in other news, the Seattle Seahawks traded down....again. They moved down from No. 32 in the 1st round to No. 8 in the second. They then traded that to the Lions for No. 13 in the 2nd round. It makes sense to accumulate picks.