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Sarah & Jim Harbaugh's Dockers commercial is the best you'll see today (and maybe all offseason

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh and wife Sarah were in a fantastic Dockers commercial. Check out the video!

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Just when you thought you couldn't enjoy Coach Harbaugh any more, he and wife Sarah go and put together this amazing Dockers commercial. This wins the day for sure!

Last season, Sarah Harbaugh was asked repeatedly about Jim Harbaugh's decision to go with his same pleated khakis week after week. At one point she ended up discussing it on a radio program. It would appear some kind of compromise has been reached. The commercial discusses Dockers flat front pants. Dockers is part of the Levi Strauss family, and given the new naming rights, it is not remotely surprising to see this kind of endorsement. There is also an option to enter a contest that can win you a trip to San Francisco, and a pair of tickets to a 49ers game at Levi's Stadium.

Even Seahawks fans can enjoy this!