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Celebrate Joe Montana's birthday with a fun WhatIfSports sports simulation

Rick Stewart

Today marks Joe Montana's 58th birthday, and the folks at have a fun simulation going on all day. If you've never played over at WhatIf Sports, they basically provide a range of games that include historical simulations, and modern simulations. The historical simulations allow you to play with teams throughout the history of sports and see how they would fare against other teams.

For Joe Montana's birthday, WhatIf Sports put together a simulation involving the 1984 and 1989 San Francisco 49ers. Those two squads featured Montana looking absolutely fantastic, and putting together some strong numbers. What's particularly cool with the simulation is that you can play around with the offensive skill position depth charts. How about playing the matchup with Steve Young as your 1989 49ers quarterback? Or get Roger Craig to the top of the depth chart with the 1984 squad. Whatever the case, it's a good time to be had!

I ran the simulation once and the 1989 49ers won 27-20. 1989 Joe Montana would appear to have been the player of the game. he completed a wildly efficient 16 of 20 passes for 278 yards and 2 touchdowns. How did your teams do?