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Frank Gore remains kind of awesome

We look at probably the best piece you'll ever read about the 49ers star running back. And we even find out the random play that is Gore's favorite NFL highlight.

Ronald Martinez

In what should likely be hailed as the most in-depth, complete Frank Gore piece you'll read outside of an autobiography,'s Ryan Maquinana penned an article on the San Francisco 49ers running back that you need to read.

In it, everything is discussed from Gore's struggles to make grades in high school, to his intense boxing workouts during the off-season to hang on to his job as the team's three-down back with Kendall Hunter, Marcus Lattimore and Carlos Hyde thirsty to steal his snaps.

In between those points, you have the chronicling of his gruesome knee injuries, slipping to the third round of the draft, the passing of his mother and some pretty lofty praise from several of his teammates -- including those who seek to not only to soak in his wisdom, but to use it to take his job.

"But if I don't get the right leverage or miss a block, having a guy like Frank Gore, who knows where everyone's supposed to go, is a relief. He can erase mistakes. I like to say he always makes me right." - FB Bruce Miller

In the section titled "Indispensable tools," Maquinana cites a play against Tennessee last season where QB Colin Kaepernick pulled back on the read option, then made his way to the end zone for a score. The television crew that day heaped praise on FB Bruce Miller's block, but the team knew who did the dirty work to make that play work: Frank Gore.

"The quarterback ended up pulling it (in), but we've really tried to emphasize if you don't get the football, sell it up through the middle and then add it on down the field," current running backs coach (and former 49ers fullback) Tom Rathman says. "(Frank) did that because he saw the safety coming down, so he got downfield and blocked him. He got the quarterback in the end zone."

There's a ton more in the piece, so you really should give it a read.

After posting it, Maquinana followed up with a tweet, with the answer to what Gore's favorite highlight as a pro has been. With so many big runs, touchdowns and wins to choose from, of course he chose something from practice. Luckily, the Internet provides us video!

The item in question is toward the end of the video, where Gore is going up against Kirk Morrison of the Oakland Raiders. Watch him just go all beastly and the much bigger Morrison, and follow it up with plenty of smack talk. Too bad there's no audio.

I know I've said it twice in this article, but you really should read that piece. Like, right now.