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ESPN poll asks how Cam Newton's next contract should compare with Colin Kaepernick

Ronald Martinez

Now that Colin Kaepernick's new contract is officially wrapped up, discussion has started to turn to other quarterbacks in the league. Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and Robert Griffin III will all be due new contracts as early as next year, but Cam Newton is the guy officially in the news.

Recent reports have talked about how Cam's people are scared by Kap's contract. There has been chatter about the lack of fully guaranteed money, but most have ignored the notion that Kap might actually have been behind taking the smaller signing bonus. It looks odd for a quarterback because of the normally huge numbers we associate with them, and I think some folks can't discern the forest for the trees with this deal.

Whatever the case, Cam is under contract to the Panthers through the 2015 season. I suspect though that both sides would like to get a deal done between now and the start of the 2015 season.

StereoPete got some good discussion going on this topic yesterday in this FanPost. Earlier today, ESPN put together a poll related to the contract situation. Here are the results:


I'm not at all surprised that Washington would vote that Cam deserves more. What does surprise me a little is that North and South Carolina voted that he should get less. I figure either local fans are overly critical of him, or they think they are just hoping for a smaller deal.

It's going to be interesting to see how other contracts come down the pike. I can see why agents would be worried about the Kap deal, given the small signing bonus. But I would be surprised if that become a regular occurrence. I could see some players choosing that route, but I don't think it will be something that seriously impacts quarterback negotiations moving forward.