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Alex Boone not expected to report to mandatory minicamp next week

The San Francisco 49ers could be without right guard Alex Boone when mandatory minicamp gets going next week. We break down the implications.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In news that is not really all that surprising, offensive guard Alex Boone is reportedly not going to report to next week's mandatory minicamp. Boone has been absent from the team's voluntary offseason workout program, with reports indicating he is looking for a new contract. Our GOOD friends at Pro Football Talk are the first to report he does not plan on reporting for minicamp.

Sometimes we take PFT with a grain of salt, but this is one instance where this just continues the storyline we've seen developing. While Vernon Davis has been making the promotional rounds, we have not heard a peep from Alex Boone. There was the initial report he was dissatisfied with his contract, and now this. His camp has either leaked it, or they've told the 49ers who leaked it. My bet is on the former.

If Boone skips the minicamp, the team can fine him up to $69,455. The league has a fine structure for minicamp that increases with each day absent. Skipping the first day nets a fine of $11,575. If the player is then absent the second day, they are fined an additional $23,150. If they skip the third day as well, they are fined an additional $34,730.

If Boone decides to sit out minicamp, the big question then becomes how much more time he'll miss. Boone has outperformed his most recent contract, and Matt Maiocco pointed to his current agents' history with holdouts. It's no lock he'll hold out into training camp or the season, but it's certainly a possibility.

I suppose we shouldn't get overly worked up yet, but why else do we have the Internet?! But seriously, it is something the 49ers likely have considered as they get ready for training camp next month, and the preseason in August. They'll need to make sure they have a viable alternative to Boone should the guard sit out into the season. Joe Looney and Adam Snyder would seemingly be the front-runners at this point. Snyder has been getting work at right tackle with Anthony Davis sidelined for now. When training camp gets here, we'll get a better handle on how the depth chart looks aside from Boone. But until the Boone situation is resolved, things remain unsettled.