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CBs Brandon Flowers, Chris Houston released, but I don't see 49ers aggressively pursuing

Cornerbacks Brandon Flowers and Chris Houston were both released Friday. Will the 49ers make a play for either? Doubtful.

Rob Carr

The NFL has been pretty quiet recently, but we had some interesting news today. This morning, the Detroit Lions released cornerback Chris Houston, in what appears to be primarily a medical-related release. Just a bit ago, the Kansas City Chiefs followed by releasing cornerback Brandon Flowers due to cap reasons (and maybe some scheme reasons).

As soon as Flowers joined Houston on the market, people started tweeting at me asking if the 49ers would pursue either cornerback. When notable players hit the market, fans want to know if they'll join the team. No matter how deep a team is at a given position, it's an expected question.

The 49ers have some depth at cornerback, but there are enough questions that it would not be out of the realm of the possible for the 49ers to at least kick the tires on Flowers or Houston. I imagine Houston would be a little bit less likely given the injury, but the 49ers are going to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to improve the team. It does not mean the team will aggressively pursue either, but that doesn't mean the 49ers won't at least put in a call to either player's agent.

Earlier this week, Tramaine Brock tweeted this:

During OTAs, the 49ers have started Brock and Chris Cook, with Eric Wright and Dontae Johnson getting second team work, and Perrish Cox and Darryl Morris handling first and second team nickel duty. Chris Culliver has gotten in some work, but the team is biding their time as he continues his return from last year's ACL injury.

If the 49ers are confident in their pass rush, that could very well be a perfectly solid group of cornerbacks. It remains to be seen how it will pan out, but my guess is the 49ers will head into camp with that group. Flowers is not going to break the bank, but I don't see the 49ers investing the kind of money he might want. He was due $5.25 million and $2 million in roster bonuses this season. He was due an additional $6.25 million and $2 million in roster bonuses in 2015 and 2016. The Chiefs needed to clear cap space, and Flowers was always a likely candidate. I don't think he'll get nearly that much on the open market, but he'll likely find a decent pay day. I don't expect it to happen with the 49ers.