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What role do you expect of Darryl Morris in 2014?

Darryl Morris excelled as a special teams player in 2013. Will he be able to make the transition to a specific defensive role?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

A week and a half ago I put together our 90-in-90 post on Darryl Morris. My general focus was on his special teams skills given that we haven't really seen much of him at cornerback. He was more or less hidden in the preseason, cleared waivers after final roster cuts, spent the first few weeks of the season on the practice squad, and then landed on the 53-man roster the rest of the season as a special teams contributor.

I bring him back up again because put together a brief article on him. Morris has been getting nickel back work behind Perrish Cox throughout OTAs. The team released Carlos Rogers, which opened the door for a new slot corner. The 49ers drafted Jimmie Ward to potentially handle that work this year, and then re-signed Perrish Cox. Eric Wright could potentially get in the mix as well, but I'd argue nickel and dime work will primarily be a competition between Ward, Cox and Morris.

The question now is if Morris can do enough to climb past the veteran Cox. While Cox has bounced around with the 49ers, he did get nickel work in the playoffs when Eric Wright was limited with an injury in the wild card round, and then an illness in the divisional round. Cox is getting first team work while Ward finishes rehabbing his foot.

I've posted a poll below just to see what kind of confidence 49ers fans have in Morris. The nickel role is probably a bit of a long-shot, but could he do enough to claim the dime role? Or will he end up focusing once again on special teams? He does not have practice squad eligibility given all the time he played last year, so the only other option would be releasing him during final cuts. At this point I would be surprised by that, but maybe others disagree.

In the poll, if you think he'll get dime work AND special teams, just vote for dime. Same goes for nickel AND special teams, just vote nickel. I suppose "Other" would be inactive a fair amount.