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World Cup 2014: Our open thread continues!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I started up an open thread for World Cup action. The thread isn't crazy full, but given today's USA-Ghana match, I figured I would open up a new thread. I know we've got plenty of international readers here, but for a lot us that will be watching the World Cup, this is a big day. And if you're an NN reader in Ghana, well, I guess we can't be friends for one day!

It's a solid day of matchups across the board. USA-Ghana is the final match of the day, kicking off at 3 p.m. PT. SB Nation has a solid preview of the match. Speaking of which, if you're tracking the World Cup in any way, make sure and keep SB Nation Soccer bookmarked. They're doing fantastic work.

I'll be in San Francisco by match time (flying from DC for minicamp and A's-Red Sox), and I'm thinking I'll head down to City Hall to watch. They set up a big screen in the plaza out in front of City Hall, and in 2010 they got some great crowds. If you're around the area, head down to enjoy the match.

Aside from USA-Ghana, you can also watch Germany-Portugal at 9 a.m., and Iran-Nigeria at noon. All three matches will be on ESPN.