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Anthony Davis with a great Anquan Boldin picture on Instagram

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis posted this picture of Anquan Boldin on Instagram last night, along with the following caption:

These dudes better have sent Anquan something for Father's Day yesterday. Lmao

Yep, Davis did pretty well with that one. It's cheesy, but funny. And the way that picture looks is just perfect.

Boldin is getting up there in age, and yet he still dominates. The 49ers have plenty of new additions and storylines to track in 2014, but a second season of Anquan Boldin is kind of exciting. He'll hopefully have a full contingent of receivers around him. Considering what we saw from him without Michael Crabtree for much of the season, it will be interesting to hopefully see what this group can do together. A few more pictures like this would work for me.