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49ers minicamp 2014: Vernon Davis, Alex Boone expected to be absent

The San Francisco 49ers open their 3-day minicamp, which will wrap up the 2014 offseason workout program.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers open their 2014 minicamp today, which means media availability with a host of coaches and players, but no Alex Boone or Vernon Davis. The 49ers will conduct coach-led media sessions at noon each day, player availability after that, and then practice at 3 p.m. Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman will speak today, Jim Harbaugh and Vic Fangio will speak Wednesday, and Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick will speak Thursday.

Alex Boone and Vernon Davis are both expected to be absent from camp. Boone has maintained radio silence, while Davis has been all over the place. He finally used the word "holdout" in his MMQB column on Monday, and Adam Schefter tweeted that Davis has not reported. Article 42 of the CBA covers club discipline. Their absences on Tuesday will result in a fine of $11,575 each. If they are then absent on Wednesday, they will each be fined another $23,150. If they are then absent on Thursday, they will each be fined another $34,730. That totals $69,455.

I'm back out in the Bay Area for the next few days, so I'll be doing some tweeting from minicamp. If you have questions for Harbaugh, Roman, Fangio or Kaepernick, I can try and squeeze one or two in with the rest of the media contingent. Today it's Harbaugh and Roman, so if you have questions for either of them, let me know. I don't know yet if they'll be speaking at the same time in separate locations, or one at a time, so we'll see on that. Personally, I want to try and ask them what they've seen from Eric Mangini in working with the tight ends so far. The biggest mystery at 49ers headquarters has been Eric Mangini, so it'd be nice to get a thought or two on him from Coach Harbaugh and Coach Roman.

I've embedded a pair of Twitter feeds below. The first is the NN twitter feed I run. The second is the 49ers media twitter feed that includes beat writers and some 49ers front office folks.

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