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Marcus Lattimore looking good in OTA workout video, easy to get excited

San Francisco 49ers running back Marcus Lattimore showed off the health of his knee in some recent videos on Instagram and It's easy to get just a little bit excited.

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The San Francisco 49ers are in the middle of their next set of OTAs, but I just caught wind of some fun video from last week. Socalisteph tweeted out this video Marcus Lattimore posted to Instagram last week.

Earlier today, Taylor Price posted his newest episode of "Niner Talk". At the 1:30 mark, you can watch Lattimore do a spin, and then a little hop and a jump.

These are only two short clips, and it is worth noting that Lattimore is still working his way back into game shape. Coach Harbaugh said that Lattimore was limited in OTAs because he was working through something. He later clarified that Lattimore had strained his hamstring a few weeks back, and the team was just taking it slowly with him. Feeling soreness and strains is to be expected when you haven't played in a game in over a year and a half.

With all that in mind, there's nothing wrong with a little optimism right now. We don't know what the future holds for Marcus Lattimore. But right now, the sky's the limit. I'll settle back to something a little more reasonable if he is slow out of the gate when the season starts, but for now, I'm going to enjoy this. I'm going to enjoy the possibility of the insane depth of Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, Marcus Lattimore, Carlos Hyde, and who knows, maybe LaMichael James.

If the 49ers do deal James in August (still my expectation), the backfield I see consists of Frank Gore as your lead back, Kendall Hunter and Marcus Lattimore splitting more general carries behind him, and Carlos hyde coming in as that short yardage thumper. Anthony Dixon was a great special teams player, and he could make things happen on short yardage plays, but I don't know how many of us really had the utmost confidence that he could get that yard or two or three. Sometimes he did, and sometimes he danced. With El Guapo in those situations, I'm tentatively a lot more excited about them.

Right now is the time to fly our homer flags. We have plenty of opportunities for detail, nuanced breakdowns. But the great thing about the Niners Nation community is that sometimes we can recognize the excitement of it all for what it is. We don't have to be objective. The beat writers do fantastic work, but they're stuck in the prism of objectivity. They get excited about things, but not like we do as fans. I tend to ride that gray area at times. When I'm in the press box, I try not to cheer. When I'm at home, I'm screaming at my television. Needless to say, I tend to prefer the latter scenario.

And with all that in mind, you better believe I'm excited about the upside to this backfield. There are questions that need to be answered, but the potential is kind of mind-blowing.