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The dunkcam video Quinton Patton absolutely must produce

Quinton Patton has created a highly entertaining feature called dunk cam. We may have had the greatest moment in its history, and video must be found.

Grant Halverson

The San Francisco 49ers drafted wide receiver Quinton Patton a year ago, and he quickly became a fan favorite. Anquan Boldin was amused by how excitable he was, and when he put together some solid work late in the preseason, it was no surprise fans clamored to him.

More than just what he does on the field, Patton has brought us the joy of dunk cam. The 49ers have a Nerf hoop set up in the locker room, and for the most part, players spend their time shooting from a taped off free throw line. However, every once in a while, we get something so much more glorious. We get dunk cam. In case you have never seen it before, here is one such video from last season. Normally Patton is the one releasing the video on Instagram, but Chuck Jacobs got this one. I believe it's NaVorro Bowman dunking on Craig Dahl:

I bring this up because we might have had the greatest moment in dunk cam history. Matt Barrows put together an arrow up/arrow down column, and in it he had this interesting tidbit related to Quinton Patton (listed under arrow up). Apparently, Patton dropped a serious dunk on Jim Harbaugh! I would have been in there to see it, but I was in a separate meeting related to some stadium stuff. Right now there is no video out there, but I have to think at least one player got some video:

He also served up the most memorable image – at least in my mind – of the session when, in the locker room following the final practice, he power-dunked over coach Jim Harbaugh. See, it's become a game inside the locker room where there is a Nerf hoop. The players lure someone to walk under the hoop and then one of the players, usually Patton, poster-izes that person with a vicious dunk. (Laughter ensues). The victim on Thursday was none other than Harbaugh, which to me signals how well-liked he is – just one of the guys – in the locker room. Of course, there were roars, absolute howls, after it happened, although some of the players noted to Patton that he actually missed the dunk.

That's a great point from Matt regarding Harbaugh in the locker room. There has occasionally been chatter about whether or not Harbaugh's "act" is wearing thin. I've seen it mentioned, but it always seems to involve anonymous ex-players, and not current players. I'm sure there are times players might not be 100 percent on board, but that's the case with any job. You're not always 100 percent on every hour of every day. That's just nature of life.

At this point, we need video to see Harbaugh's reaction, but also it is Quinton Patton dunking a nerf basketball on Jim Harbaugh! Forget investigating what Greg Roman has in mind for the offense, or how Vic Fangio will sort through the cornerback depth chart. We need video of Patton's dunk on Harbaugh.

It is also worth noting Patton subsequently broke the Nerf hoop when he dunked on Tramaine Brock. Bay Area Sports Guy has a picture of the sad-looking broken hoop. I imagine Patton will be back with a new and improved hoop for training camp.

In the meantime, here are a collection of other dunk cam videos:

Alex Boone dunks on Colin Kaepernick

Eric Reid getting dunked on

Can't quite figure out who is getting dunked on here