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Saturday evening open thread: Greg Roman mic'd up!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has officially ground to a bit of a halt now that minicamp is over, which means we're just sort of twiddling our thumbs here and there to bide the time. With that in mind, I thought I'd put together an open thread for this evening.

If you want to talk some 49ers, check out this mic'd up segment with Greg Roman. He doesn't give away much of anything, but I'm always a fan of mic'ing up players and coaches. They are probably a bit more cautious with their words, but it's still interesting. In this video, we hear Roman talking about Joe Staley with I believe one of the 49ers coaching interns. I assume this because he references 74, and then says Staley, so I think it's somebody who has not been around the team much. He also has a couple great lines about red dots and snipers, and robbing a bank.

In the world of other spots, Nigeria-Bosnia is currently underway. The US men's team is back in action on Sunday against Portugal, and we'll make sure to have an open thread for that. The USMNT will be underdogs in this one, but a draw is not out of the question. I'm scheduling this open thread before the Germany-Ghana match, but if Germany beats Ghana, a USMNT draw all but assures the US would advance to the knockout round.

There is of course also baseball happening. I'll be at the A's-Red Sox game this afternoon. The Giants are down in Arizona later tonight looking to slow their current slide.

And if you don't want to talk sports, that's fine too. As always, keep it civil and have a good evening.