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49ers calendar to training camp: Reporting date, open practices, single game tickets and more

The San Francisco 49ers have some time left before the start of training camp. We break down pertinent dates, and other useful information to get you ready for what's coming in a month.

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Warren Little

The San Francisco 49ers have officially gone their separate ways for the next month, and we are left to wait until training camp for anything resembling football. The 49ers had their 3-day minicamp this past week, which marked the end of the offseason workout program, which began on April 21. Jim Harbaugh is off to do his annual trip to Peru. He goes with his church and they do a variety of things, including building homes and visiting with kids. Many of the players will all go their separate ways. Several have football camps, and they'll all get ready for the start of training camp.

Facility use

The end of the program means coaches can not work with players until training camp starts. Players are allowed to continue to use the facility to work out, but coaches are not allowed to work with them. The only exceptions to this are strength and conditioning coaches, and trainers. If a player chooses to use the team's weight room, strength and conditioning coaches are allowed to supervise them to make sure they do not hurt themselves. However, they are not allowed to work with them on a specific workout plan. They simply can observe and correct if a player is doing something that could result in injury.

The second exception is related to rehabbing players. A player is allowed to rehab at the team's facility because it falls under medical care and not "workouts". Since he is not getting paid to rehab during the offseason, he could elect to rehab elsewhere if he lives outside the Bay Area. However, if he does that, there will usually be check-ins with the team during this non-workout period to make sure appropriate progress is being made.

Report Dates

Head coach Jim Harbaugh addressed the specific dates coming up for the 49ers. Here are reporting dates for various groups, as well as some early practice scheduling:

July 16: Rookies
July 18: Quarterbacks and injured veterans
July 23: Full reporting date
July 24: First practice (no pads)
July 25: Second practice (no pads)
July 26: First practice in pads
Aug 7: Preseason opener @ Ravens
Aug 8: Practice w/Ravens @ M&T Bank Stadium
​Aug 9: Practice w/Ravens at Ravens facility
​Aug 10: Practice w/Ravens at Ravens facility
​Aug 11: Practice w/Ravens at Ravens facility

Open practices

The 49ers will open up three practices to the public. The dates have not been released yet.

Prior to the construction of Levi's Stadium, the 49ers had open practices, promoted by the San Jose Mercury News. Levi's Stadium is being constructed immediately next door to the 49ers practice facility, so it created a construction zone all around it. The stadium will have its official ribbon-cutting ceremony on July 17, and while I'd imagine there will be a lot of last minute things being completed before the first event (Earthquakes-Sounders), it will be a much safer area now.

There is no specific word on if any or all of the open practices will be in the stadium itself, but we'll keep an eye out for that. If one or more is in the stadium, there should not be many limitations on access the practice given the size of the stadium.

Single game tickets

The 49ers are wrapping up their season ticket campaign, and once that is complete, they may be able to put some individual game tickets on sale. I spoke with someone at the 49ers, and he said that if any regular season tickets become available, they will probably go on sale in late July or early August. If there are any, expect the numbers to be very limited.

You can wait and see how that plays out, but your best bet for individual tickets will be through the secondary ticket market. The NFL's official site for this kind of thing is NFL Ticket Exchange. Another solid option is TiqIQ.