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World Cup 2014: USA vs. Portugal with advancement a possibility!


Welcome back for another open thread for World Cup action! The United States national squad squares off against Portugal on ESPN at 3 p.m. PT with plenty on the line. If the US wins, they advance to the knockout round. If they lose, they will be tied with Portugal for second behind Germany, and two points ahead of Ghana. If the US ties with Portugal, they'll be in second place, three points ahead of both Portugal and Ghana. It's kind of a big day!

We'll keep this thread open this afternoon for what is kind of a big game. I'm not a huge soccer fan, but the World Cup brings a certain level of excitement that is hard to pass up. If the US wins and clinches a sport, Thursday is a chance to win the group. But if the US loses or draws today, Thursday becames a huge deal. Whatever the case, enjoy today's match. If you're looking for some great soccer content, head over to SB Nation Soccer. They've been killing it throughout the World Cup. And if you don't want to talk about soccer, we've got plenty of other 49ers content on the front page.

The San Francisco 49ers showed some support for the US men's team with this tweet: