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Time to start working on the Kory Sheets All Stars

The San Francisco 49ers will head into training camp with a host of young talent. Who of the youngsters will emerge as a KSWOF candidate?

Peter Aiken

A month from now, the San Francisco 49ers will open training camp and begin preparations for their August 7 preseason opener against the Baltimore Ravens. In our Lawrence Okoye article earlier, $20 on Joe vs Dan suggested we work something up looking at some of the long-shots on each NFC West squad. I'm going to email the other three blogs about this, but before we get to that, I'd like to hear who are your particularly favorite long-shots.

Every year, we figure out the players who will fit the KORY SHEETS WAS OUR FUTURE mantra. The Kory Sheets All Stars are usually guys that are far down the depth chart, have shown some skills late in preseason games, and likely will not be long-term 49ers. Some players are more off the radar than others, but the general idea is we have a player or two or three we like who we probably overrate in our own mind.

Lawrence Okoye is high on plenty of lists. But one of my KSWOF candidates has to be wide receiver Chuck Jacobs. I've previously written on him as such a candidate, so this should not surprise anybody. The 49ers signed him as an undrafted free agent last year, and he put together some solid numbers in fourth quarter preseason play. The fourth quarter is where the bottom of the roster gets its action, and if you're playing strictly in the fourth quarter, your roster chances are usually pretty slim. It will be interesting to see what kind of preseason playing time Jacobs gets in his second preseason. He spent last year on the practice squad, and given the 49ers wide receiver depth, I imagine his best roster chance is on the practice squad. But that won't stop me from getting fired up for when he gets on the field.

Among this year's rookies, Shayne Skov is another guy I could see becoming a KSWOF candidate. He has a moderately decent shot at a roster spot given NaVorro Bowman's injury, but he also has a serious climb ahead of him. Michael Wilhoite, Chris Borland, and Nick Moody are all ahead of him on the depth chart. I see Skov potentially ending up on the practice squad, but given his Bay Area connections, I have a hunch people will demand more throughout the preseason.

I'm traveling back from a week in San Francisco, and figure this is a solid option for a late afternoon open thread. Feel free to throw out any names you think best apply, along with why you think this. We'll come up with a full list of candidates to discuss further down the road.