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Summer BBQ: 49ers Style

The bar has been set, in a place you may least expect it. Can you top this?

As the weather heats up, us humans tend to head outside to lakes, rivers and parks for good old fashioned American barbeques. Bring a side and drink, we'll provide the meat! There will be games, music and fun for all.

Our San Francisco 49ers booster club up here in the Pacific Northwest -- Seattle Niners Faithful -- had our first annual BBQ this past Saturday, and it was a rousing success. This was our largest event to date, bringing out about 160 people.

We had two professional DJs, both members of the club, offering their service for free. Two main cooks on the grill, flipping burgers and dogs. Several tables loaded up with everything from beans and salad, to lumpia and watermelon. We gave away bumper stickers, mugs, goodie bags, hand painted drinkware and more.

We had several games. A north versus south tug-of-war, hula hoop showdown, and even a fun game for the kids where Fruit by the Foot were hung by clips, and the kids had to race to see who could eat their way to the top without using their hands.

What turned out to be the best part of the day however? Nope, nothing Niners related.

As it turns out, some Seahawks fans caught wind of our gathering and decided they were going to try to rain on our BBQ. We heard about this the day before, a planned "Blue Rush" is what they called it. We weren't sure what to expect, and just hoped people would remain civil.

A small handful of Seahawks fans arrived as we were lining up for our group photo. Not only that, but they had "Blitz," the Seahawks mascot in tow. Yes, that's right. A whopping 11 Seahawks fans or so rented the mascot to try and mess with 160 Faithfuls. If their mission was to have their silly chant drowned out by laughter: Congratulations. You accomplished it, guys.

You can see a photo of their putrid showing in the gallery above.

What about you? Are you part of a Niners club that is having a summer BBQ? Share some photos or stories in the comments below!