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"Legends of Candlestick" features some cool experiences with all-time greats

Not only will the Legends of Candlestick event be the final game of football played at the historic venue, but you can buy yourself some really cool experiences with all-time greats, too!

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Thearon W. Henderson

By now most of you have probably heard of the Legends of Candlestick event. The July 12 event will feature all-time great NFL players playing the final football "game" at the fabled venue we all know and love. Joe Montana and Dan Marino will captain a pair of teams that will square off in an event open to the public. Here is a rundown of the lineups

49ers Legends: Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Roger Craig, Dwight Clark, Ronnie Lott, Brent Jones, Jesse Sapolu, Bill Ring, Isaac Bruce, Bubba Paris, Charles Haley, Dwight Hicks, Eric Davis, Eric Wright, Guy Mcintyre, John Taylor, Keena Turner, Mike Shuman, Mike Wilson, Tim McCkyer, Tom Rathman, Barry Helton, Bruce Collie, Jim Burt, Junior Bryant, Kevin Fagan, Michael Walter, Riki Ellison, Steve Bono, Tony Parrish, Walt Harris, Wesley Walls

NFL All Stars: Dan Marino, Tim Brown, Rod Woodson, Drew Bledsoe, James Lofton, Ed McCaffrey, Anthony Munoz, Bart Oates, Dana Stubblefield, Eric Allen, Marcellus Wiley, Mark Collins, Mark Jackson, Terry Kirby, Byron Chamberlain, Carnell Lake, Dan Saleauma, Dave Krieg, Dave Szott, Dixon Edwards, Everson Walls, Greg Townsend, Michael Perry, Mike Sherrard, Robert Griffith, Ron Heller, Scottie Graham, Tony Casillas, Troy Vincent, Will Shields

What you might not have known about this event is that you can get in on the action, literally, via purchasing "Experiences with Football Heroes" through IfOnly.

From IfOnly's website:

At IfOnly, we believe that true luxury is not another bauble or thing, but rather the extraordinary experiences we remember and share. We believe that seizing the moment can transform the world within us, and around us. We believe we can ignite inspiration by connecting individuals with luminaries at the top of their fields. We believe in helping others, so every item sold helps a charity or cause. We believe in transforming "if only" into reality.

What they're offering are experiences such as these:

Tickets to the Legends of Candlestick event, plus play catch with Joe Montana

A private workout at "The Hill" with Jerry Rice (That AJ Jenkins never did...)

Dinner at Michael Mina San Francisco with Ronnie Lott

Sure, they're very expensive items, but heck, if you've got the cheese, why not do something most will never have the opportunity to do, all the while donating a portion of the cost to a good cause? If you've got the money to spend, there are some pretty awesome opportunities available.

Check out the 49ers shop page of IfOnly's website for more details: CLICK HERE